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On the 1996 Everest ascent, Taske (along with Lou Kasischke and Stuart Hutchison) decided to turn back after realizing it would be impossible to get to the summit by the set turnaround time. As soon as there's a tragedy, people start to get in and nitpick.

Have any other movies been made about the 1996 Mount Everest disaster? Yes. The 1997 madeforTV movie Into Thin Air: Death on Everest was also based on the book Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer, a who was caught in the middle of the 1996 Mount Everest disaster while on assignment for Outside magazine. Krakauer was part of Rob Hall's Adventure Consultants' expedition. Feb 25, 2016  Lou Kasischke says he regrets climbing Mount Everestand advises against trying it.

In 1996 I almost selfishly and recklessly died on Everest, he says. You can spend over 100, 000 and train for years, or you can heed the Michiganbased businessmans warning. After the Wind: 1996 Everest Tragedy One Survivors Story is a book by Lou Kasischke that details his experiences as a client on Rob Halls expedition during the 1996 Mount Everest tragedy.

The accident killed eight climbersincluding four from the Hall expeditionand remained the worst climbing accident on Everest until the 2014 Mount Everest avalanche. Near the top of Mount Everest, on 10 May 1996, eight climbers died. It was the worst tragedy in the mountain's history.

Lou Kasischke was there. Everest (2015) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Everest is based on several books including Jon Krakauers Into Thin Air and Lou Kasischkes After the Wind; these are memoirs inspired from the true story of the 1996 Mt. Everest disaster. Even many survivals interviews were taken as reference for this film. Lou's education includes a Bachelor of Arts degree in business and a Juris Doctor degree in law from Michigan State University.

Risk management was the major focus of his business degree from MSU. Already as a student, Lou was fascinated by risk, risk evaluation, and the concepts of Lou Kasischke (Mark Derwin) Kasischke also wrote a book about his experience titled After The Wind: The 1996 Everest Tragedy, One Survivors Story.

He served as a script adviser on Everest and is a resident of Harbor Springs, Michigan. Everest, the Movie Universal Pictures retold the story in a feature film globally released September 18, 2015 in 27 countries in North America, South America, and Europe.

Asia and Australia will follow.