Mumm rana thundercats the movie

Angry with the Mutants' failure to destroy the ThunderCats, MummRa transforms them into a meek Berbil and tricks Snark into bringing him inside the Cats' Lair. Feliner is attacked by the RatStar, manned by the Mutants. Jackalman, Monikan, and SSSlithe are ejected and saved by MummRana, a female mirror image of MummRa, who is a force MummRana, the EverGood is the polar opposite version of the evil MummRa, the EverLiving.

She resides in the White Pyramid and calls to the Ancient Spirits of Good. She also has the ability to transform from her mummified state to a much stronger warrior form. MummRana's level of power is somewhat unclear, as she was seen to be bested in battle by MummRa in the first appearance (he used a spell to trick MummRana into thinking that the ThunderCats are evil), but she was also shown to be considerably more powerful than both Queen and Princess Luna, as she defeated both of them with relatively little effort.

Luna discovers that her grandmother's magic belt is now in the possession of MummRana who claimed it after battle. She heads straight for the white pyramid with Pumyra hot on her tail. Luna and Amok journey to the White Pyramid and take MummRana's belt, destroying her pyramid in the process. Dec 18, 1985 With Bob McFadden, Earl Hammond, Larry Kenney, Lynne Lipton. MummRa meets his exact opposite in MummRana, a priestess of light. He battles her and manages to take over her mind with dark magic, and then uses her fearsome powers against the Thundercats.

Aug 25, 2018 This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue MummRana is an ancient sorceress for good, and counterpart to MummRa. She lives in the White Pyramid on Third Earth, where her powers keep her from traveling too far.

In her normal mummified form, she spends much of her time resting on an ornate smooth stone platform in Aug 29, 2018 Titulo: Thundercats Idioma: Espaol Latino Episodios: 130 Ao: 1985 Resea: La serie muestra a un grupo de hroes llamados ThunderCats, los cuales tienen una apariencia felinahumanoide, son Thundercats Season 2 Episode 16: MummRana's Belt Mumm rana thundercats the movie series online for free. Season 2 continues to follow Cats as they are forced to go airborne and encounter a force field.

LionO must abandon his sword to SSSLITHE, MONKIAN and JACKALMAN are ejected from the RatStar and fall toward the ground. They are saved from certain destruction by MUMMRANA, a female mirror image of MUMMRA, a force for good who lives in a White Pyramid. MUMMRANA is led to believe that the MUTANTS are good and the THUNDERCATS evil.

MummRana exiled Queen Luna to the Third Moon of PlunDarr forever. As Snarf tells this story to the ThunderCats, Luna overhears him and travels to MummRana's White Pyramid in search of the Belt. Pumyra pursues her to the White Pyramid where Luna defeats MummRana, steals the Belt and incarcerates Pumyra.