2010 movie opening credits

Feb 08, 2010  Yeah, okay, so opening credits in old movies can be kinda boring, just a few title cards, a minute and a half of text and no cinema exactly, just flat, static cards with a bunch of names, like the movie equivalent of the theater playbill, accompanied by the bombastic orchestral score of the movie's May 19, 2010 The new opening for Hawaii FiveO 2010. For more movie news, trailers, and interviews go to Synopsis: A contemporary take on the cl 1.

50 brilliant movie opening credits sequences 2. 50 brilliant movie opening credits sequences Sorry it's one of those cursed moments where the article is so long, we need to run it over two pages. Most movies in the 1930s through 1950s listed lots of cast and crew in the opening credits, often in a sort of Playbill format as if the movie was a filmed stage play. Today, highpowered talent demand specific types of onscreen billing in their contracts.

May 30, 2014 Give credit where credit is due and some movie credit sequences are long overdue for recognition. Welcome to WatchMojo. com, and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 opening movie Have you ever wanted to create a nice opening or closing credits screen for your slide show? Some recently introduced features in Photo to Movie give you a lot of flexibility to make a dynamic professional opening or closing credits screen.

Poll: Best Opening Credits A poll by RbDeraj. Most credits are a boring waste of time, but these films found a way to spice them up and make them interesting. Also my favorite movie overall, but the brief intro before the opening credits, with the sudden cut to the music and credits does an excellent job drawing the viewer in.

The credits part of it is very, very simple the sequence only really works through the brief intro before combined with the music.