When is window load event fired up movie

The root cause should be that Form1Load event was not fired while Form1 was loaded. Just open the Form1 in Designer view, click the Form1's title, click 'Event' tag under property of Form1, find 'Load' in the property list, you'll find a list of events on right hand of it.

If the control is not located in the main window rather it's located in other window, the Unloaded event will always get fired up when you close the nonmain window.

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jQuery resize event is fired when the size of the browsers window (viewport) changes as pointed out in jQuery documentation. Sometimes we need to execute functions which might take a while to execute or which might consume quite a few resources from the machine.

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7, 2018? I've noticed the. resize() event of jQuery is fired on page load without any actual" resize" of the window depending on the browser. It is not only fired once, but even twice sometimes. (on load