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Now if it's a Pacific Ocean impact, which we think it will be, it'll create a tidal wave 3 miles high, travel at a thousand miles an hour, covering California, and washing up The 87 Million lottery winner, that kid actor that just made 20 million o his last movie, that internet stock that shot through the roof, you could have made millions if you had just gotten in early, and that's exactly what I wanted to do: get in.

Hamlet Quotes (showing 130 of 478) Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; The heartache and the thousand natural shocks That flesh is heir to, 'tis a consummation Devoutly to be wish'd. To die, to sleep; Words, words, words. Lord Polonius: What is the matter, my lord? TheMovieQuotes contains list of memorable movie quotes submitted by users from all around the world.

knelt down, on this Sabbath, and Christmasday, a day that will ever be memorable to us, and poured out our heartfelt gratitude to God, for his goodness in enabling us to overcome so many perilous difficulties, in escaping out of the jaws of the wicked.

The Tomatometer rating based on the published opinions of hundreds of film and television critics is a trusted measurement of movie and TV programming quality for millions of moviegoers. Popular Quotes. Popular Recent New Friends My Authors. Quotes popular among Goodreads members Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened. In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.

Robert Frost tags: life. likes. Great Film Quotes From the 1990s" Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in. " The Godfather: Part III (1990) Play clip (excerpt):