Deep cave diving movie scary

Sanctum is a 2011 AustralianAmerican 3D disaster survival film directed by Alister Grierson and written by John Garvin and Andrew Wight. It stars Richard Roxburgh, Rhys Wakefield, Alice Parkinson, Dan Wyllie, and Ioan Gruffudd. The movie was inspired by true events, where the cowriter of the film was in a cave diving expedition himself, while he was still in college in Australia.

Basically an underlying story of a fatherson relationship, Sanctum was one of the most memorable movies with the cave serving as the main backdrop in it. There are a whole lot of scuba diving movies out there. If youre a true fan of scuba diving, you probably also love to see as much of these scuba diving movies as possible.

Below is a list of the top 10 scuba diving movies ever made. See if your favorite made the list. 1. Thunderball, 1965 Starring Sean Connery Oct 20, 2015 Submerge yourself in a different world in this film about underwater cave diving. Experience the excitement as the Expedition Bjuralven team explores the longest underwater cave in Sweden.

Feb 03, 2011 Watch video An underwater cave diving team experiences a lifethreatening crisis during an expedition to the unexplored and least accessible cave system in the world. Deep, deep trouble. Theres something about being underground thats just creepy. Its dark, its hard to get out, and theres that unpleasant feeling that youre cut off Apr 03, 2016  Hey guys! these Deep cave diving movie scary the 5 Most Disturbing Scariest DEEP SEA DIVER Videos Caught On Camera, i hope you all enjoy this Aug 26, 2005 Watch video This movie entertains because of the locations and the good cast.

I am a fan of Lena Headey and her beauty is a good reason to see this film. The conclusion is a hook for a sequel, as usual.